Scarf Tying Styles

Published December 2, 2011 by Nurfitri Azhri
Tying scarves is simpler than it seems, and various attractive scarf tying techniques are rather easy to learn. What seems complex on the surface is often really quite simple to execute when the step by step instructions in this book are followed.We invite you to try these techniques at varied occasions to express your personality and individual style!


Ascot Knot

Twice Around
Ascot Knot

Bandana Wrap Bow Tie Buckaroo Knot Butterfly Wrap
Casual swing Crown Wrap Elegant Twist European Loop Fake Knot French Twist
Gypsy Head Wrap Hollywood Knot Kelly Wrap Knotted Belt Light Queen
Men’s Tie Knot

Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap

Modified Asscot
Neck Wrap

Neck Wrap

Pleated Head Ponytail Rose Knot Rosette Turban Shoulder Wrap
Slip Knot Square Knot Stock Tie Stylish Knot Tying Head Undercoat


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